Lawn Doctor VS Trugreen: Which One Is The Best?

With thousands, if not millions of homeowners wanting to make their lawns green and beautiful, there is a fierce competition among different lawn care service providers today. This is probably because there are many homeowners who have no idea how they can make their own lawns thrive and flourish.

In fact, many of these individuals are known to be willing to pay a huge amount of money as long as they get exactly what they want. This is why today, there are a lot of companies that are trying to entice clients with low prices, package services as well as a wide array of marketing strategies.

The biggest lawn care company in the U.S. is the Trugreen Company. While it was easily able to merge with one of its biggest competitors, the Scotts Lawn Service, there are still other companies that are willing to stand against this giant. One of them is the Lawn doctor company.

Lawn Doctor VS Trugreen: Which One Is The Best?What Does The Lawn Doctor Company Offer?What Does The Trugreen Company Offer?Conclusion

What Does The Lawn Doctor Company Offer?

Lawn doctor wants clients to know that not all lawn care services are the same. Although it is not as big as the other company, it actually has the highest retention rate among the other companies in the industry. The lawn doctor also makes use of many local lawn professionals located all over the country.

This company also aims for providing clients with 100% satisfaction. This means that if the homeowner does not like the results, the company has the responsibility to make it right. With the use of their own Lawn Tamer processes, they can provide a fully customized lawn service designed to meet your needs.

Unlike the Trugreen Company, the Lawn doctor says that it can provide better results simply because each franchise is locally owned. This means that each outlet is owned by someone who lives in your area and who knows what lawns in the area needs. This allows them to provide the best possible results.

The Lawn doctor is also known for truly wanting to care for their client’s lawns properly. This is why they are able to provide consistently high quality applications for your lawn as well as the best guarantees available in the industry. They are also known to give top value to each of their clients.

What Does The Trugreen Company Offer?

As mentioned, the Trugreen Company is the biggest lawn care company in the U.S. and with its recent merger, it has solidified its place in the industry. The merger has allowed the company to offer their lawn services at very affordable costs and it has also allowed them to offer different lawn packages.

With the sheer size of the company, it can be very easy for them to provide lawn services to different properties all over the country. Trugreen has a very large customer base and as a matter of fact, they are now capable of providing services to millions of people in North America, which includes Canada.

As for their services, Trugreen is known for their low priced first application fee that allows those who qualify to have their lawns serviced for a very low price. Although this company’s prices for succeeding applications depend on the lawn size, many clients like the results they get from their services.

In fact, there are clients who say that they have been getting stunning results from this company. Trugreen also offers customized lawn services and the company will also ensure that a lawn expert will be the one who is going to assess your lawn and create a management plan for it.


When it comes to choosing between Lawn doctor VS Trugreen, you need to know that both companies do have their strengths and weaknesses. It is important for homeowners to understand the fact that different lawns will need different things in order to properly grow and flourish.

This is why it can be very easy for you to find both positive and negative reviews about these two companies online. If you really want a professional company to care for your lawn, you have to be prepared to pay a lot of money especially if you own a lawn that is more than 5,000 square meters big.

I highly recommend that you try to contact the two companies first so you will know what they have to offer. If you are on a tight budget, you need to get price quotes from both companies so you will be able to compare and find out which one can give you a better deal for your own lawn.

If you want a company with a more personal approach, I highly recommend that you opt for the Lawn doctor to provide you with different lawn care services. But if the Trugreen Company can make you a good deal and if it is the only one available in your area, you can opt for their services instead.

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Joey Toto says Mar. 2018

I had Lawn Doctor for about 5 years and just got rid of them. Every year they show up in the beginning of March to start their weed & feed program and every year I have to tell them to STOP during that. You can goggle any website and all they all tell you the same thing, NEVER treat your lawn during the winter months. I finally had it with Lawn Doctor, coming out on 3/6/2018 to treatment my lawn and a snow storm is coming. FYI: we got 4 inches of snow on 3/7/2018.

I am now going to try Tru Green.

Alkire Leanna says Mar. 2018

Nice post regarding lawn care and aware people regarding gardening doctors.

lawn care says Jun. 2018

Be an experienced consumer and select a lawn care company that embraces environmentally safe practices and optimal customer
care. General liability insurance and workers comp needs to be provided by the organization in order that in the matter
of a major accident aat work site the responsibility of providing care is clear.

This isn’t time to glance over the details, you need to pay close attention and assist thhe lawn company to
construct the package that’s perfect for your
yard care needs.

IdiotsRus WasteofTime says Mar. 2019

Lawn Doctor VS Trugreen: Which One Is The Best?

Really…. you still did not answer the question. Why didn’t you just answer the question! or at least start with your last sentence… I don’t know, it is up to you!

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