Top 4 Cat Toy Product Reviews

When cats are still kittens, they are these cute and small balls of fur, that love to play with just about anything and anyone. For any cat owner, they know how much time and energy it takes to keep a kitten entertained, and something as simple as a ball of yarn can keep them busy for hours in a day.

But as they get older, just like us humans, their choice in things that fascinate them change, and they start getting more curious towards other things such as our furniture, sofa sets, carpets, cushions, and curtains, and before you know it, their teeth and claws are bigger too and because of this, you start finding holes and tears across everything that has a fabric and scratch marks on anything made of wood.

This is their nature, just like many other animals, they look for things to play with bite into, scratch and dismantle, at every chance they get. Some cats, depending on the breeds, can be very calm and collective, they simply sleep or lay around the house for most of the day and go outside occasionally to meet the neighbors. However other breeds of cats can be very active, such as the high-energy playful kinds that include the Burmese, Siberian, or Bengals. Find out more about the different breeds of cats on this website.

But this shouldn’t worry you, as there are loads of incredibly helpful items that one can use to keep the cat distracted and occupied for hours without them touching your furniture or personal belongings, and this article is here to give you a few ideas about this. So keep reading to find out what you can buy for your furry friend who is growing up into a lovely little darling.


Popular and Highly Rated Cat Toys

A Scratcher Cardboard. When felines get older, as mentioned above they love to scratch things to either sharpen their nails or for fun. To avoid them from darting your precious and expensive furniture, get them a scratch pole or a scratch cardboard basket or box that allows them to curl up inside and to scratch all at the same time.

There are cardboard rings that one can invest in that are 100% scratchable and your cat will love it. It also comes with attachments such as a ball as a toy or a ring attached to a rope, that they can play with, oh! So much fun indeed! Those who use it say they have quite the aesthetic appeal and are very useful and a very clever product. If your cat weighs up to 15 pounds, it can fit inside without any problems.

Some brands come with catnip included in the packaging and it is great for exercise, sharpening their claws, and mental stimulation as well. The ones shaped with a scratched pad on the top and are flatter than the baskets can be removed and replaced with a newer pad when the existing one gets older.


An Activity Centre. Just like little kids have their playgrounds and play toys that keep them busy for hours, but also stimulate their senses, pets have them too and one of the popular items is called the 5-in-1 activity center which provides enough playtime for them to fall asleep straight after.

These are built with the idea of encouraging felines to use all five of their senses, and body parts such as their tongue, paws, nose and puzzle their way to the end prize which is treats. If you want to keep your cat from going outdoors and playing with other dirty cats, get yourself one of these and it is guaranteed to keep them engaged and focused for a long period.   

It could also be a fun activity for you to do when you sit and watch them go through it – quite entertaining. The best thing about it is it comes in a large size so if you have more than one cat, they can all join in on the challenging fun.


A Smart Cat Toy Box. Do you remember when you went to the arcade and you had that game which had those little minion heads pop out of the holes and you had to hit them to win points? Well, there one similar one for your four-legged companions as well, and this is guaranteed to keep them entertained and active for hours on end. It may even entice you to join in if you want to.

The Smart cat Peek-a-prize is one example of this toy box, and it comes with two small balls that you can hide inside the box, which has holes all around it and the cats need to fish out the prize, so instead of hitting their paws onto the balls, they need to insert their paws into the holes to get the balls and the prize out.

Cats love to stalk the prey and hunt them down, and often they bring their owner’s dead rats and birds and gifts. You may think it’s disgusting but they are very proud of their kill. This item appeals to their curiosity and they can be chasing their prize all around the room for all you care. Make sure it’s in a confined space though or else they may end up with it outside.

Pet Laser Exercise. If you looking for something a lot simpler and budget-friendly than any of the above items, look no further than this pet laser. This is the all-time classic toy made for anything that has 4 legs and can run. They come in the ethical types, which means it has n LED light source and can keep your feline active and alert for hours, while you teach them how to catch their “prey”, around the floor.

It is safe and clever to use and they come with batteries. Use them both inside and outside. For just under $10 you can buy two and keep one in the car. You can’t go wrong with this and the cats love it too.

We hope these 4 items above will help get you and your cat both active and happy every day, and your furniture in one piece.




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