11 Best U.S. Treehouse Rentals: Find Inspiration for Your Own Backyard

One of the best treehouse rentals in the US.

Treehouse rentals are a big trend right now, with resorts and AirBnB’s popping up all over the nation. If you’ve found yourself wishing for your backyard escape, you’re not alone!

Sure, your Treehouse probably doesn’t need all of the bells and whistles found in the country’s best treehouse rentals. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find design inspiration in these stunning accommodations.

Even if you’re not thinking of building a treehouse of your own, these rentals represent some of the best ways to escape modern life for a few days of rest. And you can never have too much of that!

Our 11 Favorite Treehouse Rentals for the Perfect Weekend Getaway

Chances are, there’s a treehouse cabin (or two) in your local area. If you want to experience the best-of-the-best, though, we recommend starting with one of these top-notch treehouses:

Another gorgeous treehouse rental that can be found in the US.

1. The Mohicans

At The Mohicans Treehouse Resort, guests can choose from nine different treehouses scattered across 77 acres of private Ohioan forest.

The Mohicans Treehouse Resort prioritizes eco-friendly practices throughout its cabins and treehouses. You’ll find solar power and radiant heat used in many of the resort’s treehouse rentals.

The highlight of this treehouse resort is the Little Red Treehouse. Along with boasting a vibrant paint job that stands out against its natural backdrop, this Treehouse is famous for starring on the Discovery Channel show “Treehouse Masters.”

Another standout is the Moonlight Treehouse. Specially designed as a romantic retreat — the pathway leads right up to The Mohicans Wedding Center — this treehouse features repurposed barn siding and a deck lined by a natural log railing. You can see this little Treehouse highlighted in the video below:

2. Primland Resort

The Primland Resort sits on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range, just miles north of the Virginia-North Carolina border. While the resort’s main attraction is its full-service lodge, you’ll also find three treehouse rentals on the property.

The Primland Resort offers one of the most authentic escapes into nature you can find without leaving the lap of luxury. Guests must drive into the mountains to reach their ultra-private Treehouse. Of course, the lodge is just a call away.

Each Treehouse at the Primland Resort features a private deck looking over the landscape, offering a great view of the night sky. The Cooper’s Hawk Treehouse particularly stands out with its 564-square-foot deck built around a mature tree trunk.

Primland Resort cares just as much about the trees its houses sit on as the guest lodgings themselves. All of the resort’s treehouses are carefully installed to preserve the beauty and health of their supporting trees.

The Golden Eagle Treehouse utilizes a special securing system that leaves the oak tree below completely untouched.

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3. Winvian Farm

With 113 acres of New England forest, Winvian Farm offers the perfect balance of nature and convenience.

Winvian Farm has just one treehouse cabin available to visitors. But it blows many other treehouse rentals out of the water without even trying. (Especially if you want to escape to a treehouse that feels like a luxury spa.)

The Treehouse at Winvian Farm includes two levels suspended 35 feet above the forest floor. Downstairs you’ll find a king bedroom with a steam shower and fireplace. Upstairs is designed for lounging around with a full bar and large windows.

We like most about this Treehouse because it feels like a small house thrown up into the treetops. You might not be completely secluded from the resort as a whole, but guests get a bit more privacy than in Winvian Farm’s ground-level cabins.

4. Blue Ridge Treehouses

The Blue Ridge Mountain range offers gorgeous views, idyllic fauna and flora, and some of the best treehouse rentals Georgia has to offer.

We’re all familiar with treehouses that are more primitive cabins than the actual houses. But at Blue Ridge Treehouses, this couldn’t be further from the case.

The Canopy Blue Treehouse boasts 650 interior square feet with a kitchen, bedroom, dining area, and full bathroom. Outside, you’ll find a 1,200-square-foot deck — a mature tree grows through one portion. Underneath the Treehouse is a covered picnic area.

The Inn, The Ravine Treehouse, is a bit larger at 800 square feet. However, it falls short of its cousin, with only 1,000 square feet of deck space. The loft includes a dumbwaiter and an outdoor deck of its very own. This Treehouse features not just one but two trees growing through it.

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5. Montana Treehouse Retreat

Few natural areas are as beautiful as Glacier National Park. Whether you’re visiting in winter when the ground is covered in a thick blanket of snow or making the trip during the livelier summer months, there’s no better place to try out treehouse-living.

The Montana Treehouse Retreat sits on the edge of Glacier National Park, near the town of Whitefish.

The property’s first Treehouse came to life on “The Treehouse Guys,” another reality show, The DIY Network. That build, the Meadowlark Treehouse, still stands, along with the resort’s brand-new Raven’s Nest Treehouse.

The Meadowlark Treehouse is impressive in more ways than one. This airborne cabin features two levels (connected by spiral staircases) and plenty of open deck space.

The Raven’s Nest Treehouse is unique in that it’s modeled after an A-frame home. The home’s design is much simpler than Meadowlark’s. But each of these treehouse rentals is special in its own right.

6. Doe Bay Resort and Retreat

You certainly don’t need to stay in a treehouse to enjoy the natural beauty of Washington’s Orcas Island. If you have the chance, though, we recommend calling the Treehouse at Doe Bay Resort and Retreat home for your stay.

Like the Meadowlark Treehouse in Montana, this rental was designed and built on “The Treehouse Guys.”

This rustic treehouse cabin takes plenty of inspiration from the forest surrounding it. Knotty wood beams support the deck and other architectural structures. The loft is only accessible via ladder, adding to the Treehouse’s summer camp charm.

The Treehouse might stand independently, but guests have complete access to Doe Bay Resort’s spa, cafe, and other amenities. It’s a great compromise between roughing it in the woods and staying at a luxury hotel.

7. Treehouse Utopia

There’s truly no shortage of great treehouse rentals in Texas. With that said, Treehouse Utopia stands out from the crowd with four stunning treehouses supported by Bald Cypress trees.

Treehouse Utopia’s accommodations were built by a familiar face: Pete Nelson from the TV show “Treehouse Masters.” Each Treehouse features a unique architectural style — you can check out the round Biblioteque Treehouse in the clip below:

While these treehouse rentals boast stunning construction, the actual lodgings are rustic and minimal. Guests have access to amenities like a bathroom, mini-fridge, and coffeemaker. Otherwise, entertainment is limited to enjoying the surrounding nature.

Treehouse Utopia is built along the Sabinal River, which is perfect for swimming. Each Treehouse sleeps just two people (no children allowed), making this a perfect couples’ glamping getaway.

8. Coldwater Gardens

Rustic design is, understandably, extremely popular in the world of treehouse rentals. But the treehouse cabin at Florida’s Coldwater Gardens offers a fresh take with its unique modern architecture.

The Treehouse at Coldwater Gardens features simple wood siding and large, angular windows instead of hand-carved furniture and knotty support beams. The entire building is constructed with an emphasis on clean lines and squared-off corners.

This modern aesthetic continues inside the Treehouse, which features minimalist decor. Still, nearly everything inside is made from natural wood paneling, ensuring you never forget that you’re surrounded by forest.

One thing to note is that this Treehouse is not, actually, in a tree. While it’s surrounded by beautiful Magnolia trees, the actual cabin sits on a lofted platform. If you’re expecting the true tree-dwelling experience, this isn’t the spot for you.

However, you can still take inspiration from this Treehouse’s’ modern style:

9. The Original Treehouse Cottages

The Original Treehouse Cottages aren’t just the most famous treehouse cabins in Arkansas. These lodgings are some of the most famous treehouses in the entire United States!

Located in scenic Eureka Springs (an idyllic town surrounded by the Ozark Mountains), this resort boasts seven different treehouses. Three of these treehouses are in town. The other four live in the resort’s “Hidden Forest,” a 35-acre pine forest a mile outside town.

Whether you stay in town or venture out into the woods, The Original Treehouse Cottages stays true to its rustic roots with each treehouse design. You’ll find large decks lined with natural log railings paired with refined interiors you could call home full-time.

One of our favorites is the Cedar Shade Treehouse, located right in Eureka Springs. Once you step into the Treehouse’s’ wooded nook, you’ll feel miles away from civilization. This Treehouse ramps up the rough-hewn charm with a rope-lined bridge and nearby waterfall.

10. Cedar Creek Treehouse

For many treehouse rentals, lodgings are the main attraction. At the Cedar Creek Treehouse, the views barely outshine the accommodations. And since this Treehouse is located at Washington’s Mount Rainier, that’s saying a lot!

Built-in the 1980s, before the modern Treehouse rental trend, the Cedar Creek Treehouse sits 50 feet above the forest floor. Guests must climb five stories of stairs and cross a suspension bridge to reach the Treehouse. Don’t worry, though, because the journey is worth it.

Along with the Treehouse itself, guests can check out the mountain views by crossing the famous “Rainbow Bridge” to the sky-high observatory.

It’s unclear whether or not the Cedar Creek Treehouse will reopen to guests any time soon — we sure hope so! In the meantime, though, there’s no better inspiration for your backyard escape than this impressive cabin built atop a 200-year-old cedar tree.

11. Treehouse Point

TreeHouse Point is yet another treehouse resort built by Pete Nelson, the star of Discovery Channel’s “Treehouse Masters.” This collection of six one-of-a-kind treehouse rentals sits in a beautiful forest near Issaquah, Washington (just a few miles from Seattle).

Even if staying overnight in one of these airborne cabins isn’t on your to-do list, TreeHouse Point hosts weddings, tours, and other daytime events for treehouse enthusiasts of all kinds.

Despite being part of a larger compound, guests will feel like they’re staying in a completely isolated treehouse. This is largely thanks to the Pacific Northwest’s dense temperate rainforest, which TreeHouse Point takes full advantage of.

Cedarwood and rustic details create the impression that these treehouses have been here as long as the forest itself!

While it’s hard to pick a favorite, the Trillium Treehouse certainly stands out with its collection of extra-large windows overseeing the natural surroundings. Check out the Trillium Treehouse for yourself in this “Treehouse Masters” clip:

Relaxation Is Just a Tree Climb Away

Luxury treehouse rentals might be the best thing to come out of the glamping movement. After all, you don’t need to be a hardened camper to enjoy a stay at one of these tree-bound cabins.

But don’t just look at these treehouses as vacation getaways. In many ways, these treehouses are feats of architecture and design. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to build your backyard retreat or give your home a rustic twist, there’s no better place to turn.

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Either way, one thing is certain. Whether you’re looking for an off-grid experience or a true home-away-from-home, staying in a treehouse is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Have you stayed in any of these treehouse rentals? Is there a jaw-dropping treehouse getaway you think deserves a spot on our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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