What Do Canaries Eat

The first thing you should know if you wonder what the canaries eat is that most of their food is made up of different seeds. We also explain the importance of fruit and vegetables for this type of bird, and what supplements are essential for your health.

The feed for canaries is a very complete food, but in the same way these birds also need other supplements that help them develop and stay healthy.

What the canaries eat

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that canaries are granivorous birds. This means that they base most of their diet on grains. The birdseed is one of the most important food for the Canary.

When buying this seed make sure it looks bright and with a good yellow color. The birdseed must always be fresh, and that’s why it’s best to store it in a shady place and in a glass jar. Never put it in a plastic bag.

100 gr of canary seed contain: 13 gr of protein, 5.2 gr of fat, 55 gr of carbohydrates, 50 mg of calcium and 300 mg of phosphorus.

The mixture of seeds

Mix the seeds is one of the best  foods for canaries . In the same way we will have to know what kind of seeds we are giving to the canary since not all of them do it well.

In general, the mixtures contain: 50% of canary seed, 20% of black, 10% of reddish navy, 10% of hemp, 6% of cardillo, 2% of oats and 2% of flax.

How seeds help your Canary

canary food list


This seed is usually boiled to the canary . It serves to keep the bird in shape and helps improve the singing of the males. The seed is boiled for 10 minutes and then allowed to cool. For every 100 grams of rapeseed the canary obtains: 10 grams of protein, 47 grams of fat, 15 grams of carbohydrates, 50 calories.


This seed is essential when we ask ourselves  what the Canaries eat . The best way to prepare this seed is to let it soak for 24 hours and then wash it. Hemp improves the reproductive stage of canaries . 100 gr of hemp contain: 10 gr of protein, 29 gr of fat, 26 gr of carbohydrates, 250 calories.


Oatmeal is essential in the  food for canaries  because besides that they like it a lot, it gives them great benefits. It is advisable to give oats to the  canary  during the winter. Oats are easily digested and stimulates the bird’s metabolism.

Each 100 grams of oatmeal contains: 10 grams of water, 0.09 grams of calcium, 0.33 grams of phosphorus, 12 grams of protein, 64 grams of carbohydrates, 12 grams of fiber and 4 grams of fat.


This seed should always be present in the   food for canaries . It is essential to keep your plumage in good condition as it provides the necessary brightness.

Each 100 grams of flaxseed provide: 7 grams of water, 0.23 grams of calcium, 0.66 grams of phosphorus, 24 grams of protein, 20 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of fiber and 37 grams of fat.


A vital seed at the moment in which the females make their nest. The black will allow them to expel the egg more easily, also contains a large amount of lipids.

For every 100 grams of black we obtain: 7 grams of water, 0.43 grams of calcium, 0.65 grams of phosphorus, 20 grams of protein, 12 grams of carbohydrates, 14 grams of fiber and 43 grams of fat.

Importance of vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are the protagonists of the diet for Canaries.  They should eat at least twice a week and these are the best for them:

  • The apple is very easy to digest for the canaries . It provides the carbohydrates they need and regulates the liver functions of the bird.
  • For its part, the pear is one of the favorite of the  Canaries . It prevents constipation and contains many carbohydrates.
  • Bananas contain a large amount of vitamin E. They are very nutritious and energetic. They also have vitamin A and phosphorus.
  • The orange improves the digestive system and provides vitamin C.
  • Cucumber is an excellent  food for canaries . It is very refreshing and the birds eat it with great energy. It is advisable to give them cucumber in the time of replume.
  • Another essential vegetable is broccoli. Provides a large amount of vitamin A.
  • The carrot is the one that has more vitamin A and, therefore, is very helpful. It contains natural coloring which helps the red factor birds. It has little fat.
  • Batarraga has great benefits. Its properties include potassium, vitamin C, calcium and iron. It provides a lot of folate, which prevents anemia and keeps the cells in optimal conditions. It can be given in pieces or scratched.

Importance of gritt and calcium

Both gritt and calcium are vital when knowing what the canaries eat .

The gritt helps the seeds to turn into a creamy paste which is essential for a good digestion. Calcium is necessary at all times in the diet of  canaries. It allows a good development of the bones and makes the eggs resistant.

If the canary does not have the calcium it needs, it could have a bad body formation. Also, if the female does not eat calcium, the eggs she puts are more likely to break. For this it is advisable to buy  cuttlefish bones and calcium stones  with which the canary will naturally wear its beak and get the calcium that your body needs.

Now you are aware of  what the Canaries eat . You can be sure that your bird is eating what it really needs. Do not forget that the canary must visit the veterinarian at least once a year. In addition, it will be who will tell you exactly each of the things that your bird needs to be totally healthy.

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