What Will A 7000 Watt Generator Run? Enough Power For Your Home

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If you are looking to buy a generator that you can use whenever there is a power outage or an emergency, you need to know if it can provide you with the right specifications. It is important that buyers consider mobility, run time, engine and wattage when choosing a generator model.

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The most important factor that you need to know is the generator’s wattage. This is simply because if you are not able to buy a generator with enough wattage, you might end up with a very expensive but utterly useless equipment. Generators need a high wattage to be able to power multiple appliances.

There are generators that can produce as much as 2,500 to 3,000 watts. But when it comes to powering large houses or homes with a family that is composed of at least four individuals, you might want to buy a 7,000 watt generator. Here’s what you need to know about what this generator can run.

What Do I Need To Know About My 7,000 Watt Generator?

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In most cases, a 7,000 watt generator that runs on gasoline will cost around $550 for a generic one or more if you are buying an expensive brand. Generators that run on other fuels or on multiple types of fuels can also be more expensive. The typical generator will have 110 volt and 220 volt receptacles.

Basically, a 7,000 watt generator is recommended for houses that have as much as 3,000 square feet of area. The best way to know if this type of generator can be used to help you run different home appliances is to try to check how many watts each appliance needs in order to run properly.

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Another thing that you need to consider is the appliance’s start-up wattage. You should know that the startup wattage is actually very different from the running wattage. Some appliances will need 2 times more wattage during startup, and your generator needs to have enough power to accommodate it.

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The start-up wattage is also known as the surge watts. And although not all of the appliances have it, you should consider giving each appliance, especially those that have a motor, enough room so that it can start and run smoothly on your 7,000 watt generator without overloading it or causing it to burn.

What Can A 7,000 Watt Generator Run?

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In most instances, a 7,000 watt generator can easily run the house lights, an air conditioning unit and even a refrigerator. This simply means that it can easily help keep your house well protected. It can help keep your family or at least a room in your house cool and your food items frozen.

Generally, this is more than what a typical family would ever need from their generators. You need to take into consideration that in most cases, you will only need to run it for a few hours while there is a power outage.

Running a couple of refrigerators, a few light bulbs as well as a few fans can basically consume as much as 3,300 watts. Although a 7,000 watt generator can easily carry that much load, you should know that the surge watts can easily climb up to 5,800 if all these are turned on at the same instance.

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Although a 7,000 watt generator might not be able to run a large central air conditioning system, you should know that it can easily run a sump pump, a ½ horsepower furnace and other appliances or equipment that run on an electric motor.

WEN 56877, 7000 Running Watts/9000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered...
  • 420cc 15 HP OHV engine provides 9000 surge watts and 7000 running watts
  • 6.5-gallon fuel tank provides up to 9 hours of operation at half load.
  • Easy ignition with the keyless electric start or by pulling the back-up recoil starter

You can easily run small appliances such as a television, coffee maker and perhaps even a refrigerator at the same time. However, if you are already using too much wattage on small or regular appliances, you might not be able to safely turn on a large appliance right away unless you turn-off the smaller ones.

To give you a good idea of what it can run, you can actually turn on either one 40 gal. water heater, 2 hot plates, 2 electric stoves, 3 window air conditioners, 3 or more microwaves, 5 refrigerators freezers, 6 personal computers, 3 or more power tools or 2 air compressors at the same time.


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A 7,000 watt generator can easily run basic appliances smoothly such as lights, refrigerators, kitchen appliances as well as a window air conditioner. However, it might not be able to run all of these at the same time. To avoid overloading the generator, you will need to see how many watts each one needs.

You will have to add all of the watts that all of the appliances that you want to turn on needs and then make sure that there is an allowance for each of their surge watt requirements. You can also opt to turn them on one at a time and wait for their motors to normalize before you turn on another appliance.

In most cases, you can easily turn on multiple low wattage appliances together, but you might have to turn off some of the appliances if you need to use ones that need a lot of power such as ACs and refrigerators.

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