When Does Lavender Bloom? Waiting For The Purple Blooms

when does lavender bloom


Lavender is definitely one of the best herbs that you can grow in your lawn or garden. This amazing plant can fill your house with a unique aroma when the flowers are in bloom. Bees and butterflies are also attracted to its flowers since it can provide a wonderful smell for several weeks.

As a perennial plant, it can only be grown in areas of the world that can provide the right temperature. This plant is highly prized mainly for its flowers that can bloom in blue, violet or lilac color. When its flowers bloom on the spikes, it is borne on whorls that can be easily seen above the foliage.

Knowing when the lavender blooms is important for many who want to appreciate its beauty and aroma. The flower is also the most sought after part of the plant because it can be used in many different ways. The flowers are used for its aroma, for its flavor and even for its medicinal properties.

What Makes Lavender So Special?

lavender in basket

Since it can be used in so many ways, a lot of people will try to grow lavender, buy its essential oil or try to get their hands on its dried buds or flowers. Its dried flowers for example, are widely used to make calming tea, this tea is also known to help treat insomnia, anxiety, colic and also depressive headaches.

The dried flowers can also be used to make potpourri to help create a relaxing atmosphere inside the home. The dried flowers and the rest of the sprig can also be used to make lavender oil. The essential oil of lavender has antibacterial properties and it can also be used to help relieve stress.

lavender oil

In the kitchen, lavender can be used as a condiment for dressings and for salads. It can also be used to add a delicate flavor and a subtle aroma to baked goodies. Some culinary experts use lavender to replace rosemary when it comes to enhancing the flavor of meats, vegetables and other dishes.

Another surprising use of lavender flowers is for beauty and wellness. The dried flowers can be placed near your bed for a relaxing sleep, and it can also be made into strong tea to help wash away dandruff. When made into lavender oil, it can be added to your bath in order to help soothe sore muscles.

When Does Lavender Bloom?


The most famous lavender fields in the world are in France, but in North America, it can be found in Sequim, Washington. As the capital of lavender production, the farmers there know that Lavender goes full bloom from June to September. During these months, their fields are full of vibrant purple flowers.

Depending on what type of lavender you have, they can also be in full bloom in late June until August. If you want to see them in all their purple bloom glory, then I highly recommend that you go to Sequim, on the third weekend of July where a lot of people gather to take part in the Lavender festival.

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Sweet lavender that is grown in the U.S. will bloom during spring for as long as six weeks. English lavender on the other hand, will bloom in late spring and last until summer. Lavenders can also bloom twice in a year depending on how long the summer is and how soon you harvest its flowers.

Depending on what you need the flowers for, you should harvest them at the right time. For example, if you want to use the flowers as a bouquet, then you should harvest them while a third of the flowers are in bloom. If you use them for drying, then you should harvest them while the flowers are half open.

Using The Lavender Bloom

lavender lemonade

The most popular way to use lavender is to make it into a tea. You can put dried lavender flower buds into a tea ball and let it steep in hot water for a few minutes. If you want to make lavender infused oil on the other hand, you should crush the dried flowers and let it steep in oil for two days under the sun.

Another way to use the lavender bloom is to mix dried ones with bath salts so you can make a relaxing bath for you and your family. You can also make a lavender toner by letting dried lavender flowers steep in vinegar. You can also make a balm, an air freshener and even dryer sheets out of lavender flowers.

For kids, the best way to use lavender flowers is by making a refreshing lemonade with it. You can do this by mixing dried lavender with honey, lemon juice and water. You can also make lavender wands with your family. These wands are made from fresh flowers and they are used to perfume your room.


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Depending on the conditions of your area, and what type of lavender you are trying to grow, it will typically bloom in the month of June until September. Lavender however, is not a fast-growing plant. It might take a couple of years for your lavender to mature and produce flowers.

Lavenders flowers can be used for cooking, for the treatment of minor illnesses as well as for skincare and beauty. When the lavender blooms, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy all that it could offer. This is the main reason why knowing when the lavender blooms is very important.

Does lavender bloom in your garden? Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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