Yamaha VS Honda Generator: Which Inverter Generator Is Better?

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Choosing a generator is already hard enough as it is. Aside from having to know how big the wattage should be, you would also have to know whether you have to buy a portable generator or a standby generator. And with all of the brands available today, people easily end up more confused than ever.

Arguably, the most reliable generators are made from two manufacturers, Yamaha and Honda. In most cases, people end up being unable to decide whether they should opt for a Yamaha generator or a Honda Generator especially if they have no clue about the strengths and weaknesses of each maker.

To help you decide, I compiled specific information on what each of these manufacturers can offer for their inverter models. However, please keep in mind that each manufacturer has made several models with their own features, so you will not be able to generalize a brand based on 1 model.

Yamaha VS Honda: Portable Generators

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When it comes to portable inverter generators, the Yamaha EF2000iS and the Honda EU2000i have both earned the respect of many tailgaters who have tried these two 2,000 watt generators. These two models from each manufacturers are known as the best rated generators in the market today.

Both of these generators are actually inverter generators and they are known to be able to run for 1,600 watts continuously. They are also rated with 2,000 start-up watts depending on what appliances you want to use. They have 3-year warranties and also have alerts in case of low oil.

They are great for sensitive electronic devices since the two of them can provide clean power. However, the Yamaha has a gas gauge and cables for battery charging. The battery life of the Yamaha is also at 500 hours. The Honda generator does not have any of these features and it only has a 250-hour battery life.

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The Yamaha generator also has a bigger gas tank that allows you to put in half an hour’s worth of use with a ¼ load. The Yamaha also runs at 51.5 decibels with light use, while the Honda runs at 53 decibels. But in heavy use, the Yamaha can reach up to 61 decibels while the Honda will only be at 59 decibels.

The Yamaha generator however, does have a sound reduction system called the noise block that allows the generator to run quietly. The system is made up of sound absorbing materials, fiber glass insulation and even new air fan and muffler designs. The Honda does not have this feature.

Other Differences In Their Features And Specifications

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When it comes to their maintenance, you should know that after 300 hours of use, the Honda generator will require you to do a full cleanup of its combustion chamber. On the other hand, the Yamaha will only require you to do a head cleaning after 300 hours of use or after a year, whichever comes first.

These two generators are designed to be very portable. But when it comes to their actual weight, you should know that the Yamaha generator is one kilogram lighter than the Honda inverter. This makes the Yamaha the lightest generator in its class. Even in the 1,000 watt models, the Yamaha is still lighter.

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Another important feature that is not in the Honda model is the petrol petcock that is provided by the Yamaha generator. This allows you to control the fuel line without having to turn on or off the entire unit. Although this might not sound that important, it is actually a great feature for the unit’s efficiency.

This is because if you can close off the fuel line while the generator is still running, you can actually make sure that all of the fuel in the carburetor has been properly drained. Since the Honda does not have this feature, it can be very hard to start if stored for too long because there is still fuel in the carburetor.


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As previously mentioned, both of these generators have been given high regards by those who have had the opportunity to try them. They are known to be very reliable when it comes to producing clean and stable electricity and they are also known to be very fuel efficient.

Many who own one or the other will say that these two products are great when it comes to outdoor use since they are both portable and can easily be used to run most of the appliances that you will need for get-togethers and for outdoor parties or adventures.

Upon close inspection, you will actually see that the two generators actually have many similarities and differences. Although the Yamaha generator is winning on many fronts, you should know that these differences are minor since both generators are on equal footing in terms of power and reliability.

If the Yamaha model is available in your area, I highly recommend that you buy it. But if a Honda service center is closer to your location, and if you can get a better deal for the Honda generator, I suggest that you buy this model instead.

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